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About Us

The Human Genetics Association of New Jersey, Inc. (HGANJ), a not-for-profit organization, is comprised of medical professionals who provide genetic services in New Jersey.  We meet on a regular basis three times per year, typically on the second Tuesday in January, May and September. 

The mission of the Human Genetics Association of New Jersey is to facilitate statewide interaction among clinical genetic centers as well as encourage, support, and develop the science of human genetics and its clinical availability to the people of the State of New Jersey.

HGANJ encourages public and private support for research, clinical programs, training and education in the fields of genetics and birth defects, including the causes, methods of treatment, and prevention.  In order to achieve its mission, HGANJ obtains grants, contributions and funds from governmental, foundation and individual sources, which are used in the fields of genetics, birth defects and related diseases.

The HGANJ website was created for the benefit of our members, the larger genetics community, and the general public.  It includes a NJ genetics services directory, a list of NJ patient support groups, a glossary of genetics terms, links to web resources, and information regarding clinical genetic counseling & evaluation and newborn screening in NJ. 

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