The HGANJ board of directors is comprised of a President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two At-Large Members



President: Alejandra M Gomez MS LCGC

Term: January 2020 - January 2022

· Chair the HGANJ meetings
· Create an agenda for the general membership meetings
· Review the minutes from each meeting as provided by the Secretary and act on any items from the minutes that require attention
· Work with the Secretary to send the minutes and meeting reminders/agendas to the general membership ideally 2 weeks prior to each scheduled meeting
· Keep in contact with the Board of Directors and standing committee chairs between meetings as needed
· Assist/participate in standing committees as needed
· Work with the Secretary to coordinate membership meetings (make sure there is a speaker and a case presentation, lunch has been ordered, the room and AV equipment have been reserved, etc.)
· Will serve on the Board of Directors as Past-President for a 2 year term


President- Elect: Jill Fischer

Voted in September 2019 Term : January 2020- January 2022

· Observe the current President in preparation for taking on this role
· Fill in for the President at his/her request at HGANJ meetings or other functions
· Assist the President and participate in standing committees

Past-President: Darius Adams, M.D.

Term: January 2020-January 2022

Secretary- Kristen Ondy, MS LGC

Voted in January 2019 Term: May 2019- May 2021

· Record minutes during Board of Directors and general membership meetings
· Type minutes and distribute to Board members and general members at next meeting
· Type agenda for distribution at meetings
· Keep membership list current and photocopy to bring for distribution at meetings.
· Record attendance
· Present new membership applications during Board of Directors and general membership meetings
· E-mail members meeting information and other messages as requested by the membership
· Print signs for meetings
· Answer e-mails sent to website
· Send thank-you notes and honoraria to speakers

Treasurer- Sarah Nashed, MS LGC

Voted in January 2019 Term: May 2019 - May 2021

· Maintain an updated list of members who paid membership dues and/or CEU fees
· Maintain accounting log of account balance
· Issue checks for honoraria, food expenses, or any other expenses accrued by the organization
· Complete an online annual tax report and pay fees to the Division of Revenue, Business Support Services Bureau for the State of NJ Dept. of Treasurer
· Encourage/remind membership to pay annual dues
· Present a treasury report during the Board of Directors and general membership meetings

Members-At-Large: Jessica Joins, MGC, CGC & Francesca Spinosi, MS LGC

Voted in September 2019 Term: January 2020- January 2022

The Member-At-Large is a representative of the general membership. His/her role and responsibilities may vary/evolve based on the current activities and needs of the organization and specific interests of the member, but may include the following:

· Participate in committee work best suited to interest/availability/expertise.
· Be available for ad hoc committees such as nominating committees.
· Be available to fill in for other board members at a meeting (i.e. Secretary).

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2021: $60 membership fee (includes CEUs for May and September meeting)

$40  GC fee for Full Day January Conference (not claiming CEU's)

$75 genetic counselor CEU fee for non-members for Full Day January Conference