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Position Statements

Stem Cell Research

Adopted September 13, 2005

The Human Genetics Association of New Jersey is comprised of physicians, laboratory directors, researchers, genetic counselors, nurses, other health care providers and interested parties.  Our members provide care to many of New Jersey’s citizens who seek treatment for, or diagnosis of, genetic conditions. 

Whereas stem cell research will potentially benefit all members of our diverse society, the membership of the Human Genetics Association of New Jersey supports stem cell research as a vital avenue toward the treatment and understanding of a wide variety of inherited and acquired conditions.  Research has shown that interventions for genetic conditions, cancer, traumatic injury and age-related disorders are among the promising areas in which stem cell research could dramatically improve the quality of life for many people.

Along with the American Society of Human Genetics, the National Society of Genetic Counselors and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the Human Genetics Association of New Jersey supports:

  •  The creation of a variety of stem cell lines and research in stem cell therapies in an effort to benefit our diverse population.

  • The development of ethical and legal guidelines to ensure adequate privacy and safety for participants, fair and equitable access to therapies resulting from stem cell research, and voluntary participation.

  • Federal funding for research and development of stem cell therapies.

  • Efforts to increase the public’s understanding of the potential benefits of stem cell research and resultant therapies.

As direct providers of care to citizens of New Jersey who could potentially receive life-improving treatment as a result of stem cell research, we, the members of the Human Genetics Association of New Jersey support and promote the development of stem cell research.

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